Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There's an app for that

The first word out of my grandsons' mouths when they visit us iPad. So far I have loaded it with Thomas the Tank games and things from Sprout. I have tried other games but almost everyone requires extra tools to play that can be so easily purchased. As soon as I find the game involves tricking the kids into purchasing things, I delete it. The other day, the WSJ had an article about how much cheaper it is to develop a game using its products than having a commercial. And then when the kid sees the same product at the store, he wants it.

I hold the iPad in a vise-like grip while the boys play. Too often, things get dropped or thrown.

I haven't gotten too many apps for myself for the iPad or the phone. I am not using either for its potential.

I have heard of a young woman using the Sperm app to determine if it is a good time to get pregnant.

I asked Siri where was I the other day. She was off by a mile.

There was frost in our town but fortunately not on our side as I didn't bring much in. Still I waited until the afternoon so it would be above 50 for my bike ride. Unfortunately, the wind and the traffic picked up. So much easier to ride on a calm day.

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