Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boston Children's Museum

The boys have a family membership to this interesting place in South Boston: a great place to run around when the weather is bad. However, it is impossible for Shanna to bring the boys by herself as they will run off in opposite directions. Today Grandma shadowed Oliver whereas Shanna chased Daniel. They had a sand table with various shovels, funnels, cups and shovels which fascinated Oliver for a full hour. A man left in his 3 year old there by himself for the longest time. He had already complained about being a single dad whose son was excluded by daycare for being sick. So he brings him to the museum to infect the kids there with his constant snotsicles. Just as one of the moms was going to get security to deal with the abandonned boy, he reappeared.  Oliver did not seem as thrilled with the construction zone with its digging implements but we had to beg him to leave the train table so we could get lunch at the nearby Flour Bakery, home of homemade pop tarts and oreos and other yummy treats.

I've been taking pictures but did not bring my card reader so I will load pix when I return to Michigan.


rama said...

Wow! you are in Boston, that is where my sister lives. She runs a day care center there. She has been living there for almost 30 years.
Looks like you are having a wonderful time with your family. Enjoy.

Holly said...

i used to love bringing my little ones to the BCM when we lived in nearby Connecticut!


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