Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby gorilla

It was finally warm enough to take the boys out to the Franklin Park Zoo, a small zoo just a few miles away. As a kid, I went to zoos frequently around the country as my father was a stock photographer on the side. He would have rated FP Zoo, a nothing zoo. Things he didn't approve of were deemed nothing. For instance, the only good school in Michigan was U of M, the others, 'nothing' schools although he probably thought that the engineering school Josh went to was OK. I would like to see him get a degree in engineering. He must have thought Boston was 'unphotogenic' as even though we went to places around it, I never went to Boston until I was an adult. I had come here at least 5 times before Shanna ended up here.
But the crowning jewel of this zoo is the gorilla exhibit. A baby that was born 4 months ago was on display. She is now the size of a human newborn and is quite cute. She has a full set of teeth. The mom sat with her on her lap pressed up to the glass with many admiring kids on the other side of the glass. The baby stuck its tongue out at them which I have a picture of it to be posted after I finally make that mind numbing drive home tomorrow.
It was above freezing finally when I ran this morning. I really don't mind the cold but I do mind the ice. The path is almost clear now. My feet feel dead. I didn't run any more miles here than at home but I ran for longer periods every other day. The cement I think has hurt my legs.

Being a weekend, there were lots of fellow runners today. Many shouted encouraging things to me. In Michigan, runners rarely say much more than Hi. These Bostonians are chatty people.

Usually it is warmer here than in Michigan but not this time. Now that it is warm here, it is cold in Michigan. Hopefully I won't drive into ice tomorrow.
I will watch the boys tonight as their parents go out again. They are so much work. Shanna rarely gets more than a few hours of rest at a time.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Drive safely...and I can't wait to see the gorilla pix.

As to Shanna's situation with the boys--I remember how peaceful and easy it was--and how grateful I was --to be back at work and my kids were at family day care for part of the day, 4 days a week. Being at work was my "rest period"...


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