Saturday, March 19, 2011


Maya eating: taken with iphone

Maya: using my new camera

Sign of a dying camera: I was trying to take a picture of these nice chandeliers at our lunch place but it seemed impossible to get them in focus

Our room in the B&B..first sign that something is wrong

The last two pictures illustrate what happens when the digital sensor fails in a camera. Sony cameras made between 2003 and 2005 have this faulty sensor as do other brands as they use the same Sony part. Presumably I can get this replaced for free..we'll see but in the meantime, Steve went and bought me an even smaller camera that takes up even more pixels.
But my beloved camera has had plenty of use in the 7 years or so that we had it. It's been to Italy twice and England once. It even went to Germany with Josh last summer when he was assigned to work in Cologne for a couple of weeks. When the camera started acting up the other day, accusations of me having dropped it or exposing it to heat (what heat?)flew but I found the problem on the internet. Not my fault. I am glad it didn't fail before this. Steve has a much fancier camera but it is too bulky to easily keep in a small space.

Maya spent the afternoon with us yesterday. She enjoyed her walk. The UM nurse visited her the other day (never has a baby had so much scrutiny). Ms. Maya now weighs less than she did at her 6 month check-up: 17# 2 oz though the nurse seemed unconcerned as newly active babies occasionally lose weight. She is supposed to be babbling using consonants but so far only makes vowel sounds, notably 'A' s.

We will have the 'big' moon tonight. Hopefully it will not be obscured by clouds.

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