Monday, March 7, 2011

Scenes from a visit

Oliver climbing the three story maze

Shanna and Daniel making bubbles

Mother and baby gorilla through the glass

Daniel falling asleep with a cookie in his mouth

Daniel and some sort of African chicken

Daniel on his first day at school in his class room

Mike's pastry shop ..Home of the Lobster tails

The baby gorilla through the glass

The Boston Children's Museum

Christopher the Lion

In my absence, Blogger has reverted back to its old picture loader making it hard for me to edit these pictures. Please Blogger, go back. (Note: It is a day later. In my settings I selected the 'old' editor and it turned into the 'new' editor..still can't control the sizes of my pix) Many of the pictures above are the kids at the Boston Children's Museum. Since I can not see the pictures, it is hard for me to caption them. There are some scenes from the zoo. I had to take the picture of the gorillas through the glass but you can still see how cute the baby gorilla is. There are some scenes of Boston taken from the wharf the museum is on in South Boston.


rama said...

Such lovely pictures, Beautiful.

Teri Bernstein said...

Thanks, Sue--I loved those pictures of Oliver in the Science or Children's museum! And...was that a turkey or a pheasant or what chasing Daniel? Cute gorilla baby, too.


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