Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teas tease

Naomi's current candidate for a dress
Ms. Maya at 8 months

Tonight was our Cooking for Survivors, the subject being tea time. First various teas were discussed and sampled full of antioxidants that hopefully will prevent cancer cells from starting. Then converting the usual tea time goodies to something more healthy such as whole grain breads, neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese, whole wheat no fat berry filled scones, etc. We had a few new members: one is a college student battling lymphoma. Yikes! 

I babysat Ms. Maya this morning as her mother dealt with various errands. She zips all over the apartment now by crawling. Still every object she encounters goes into the mouth. As you can see here, she still doesn't have much hair. The dark birth hair is falling out and being replaced by blonde hairs. Her blue eyes are now hazel and probably will be brown by the end of the year. It is fun to watch her grow.

If it were just a few degrees colder today, we'd have over a foot of snow but fortunately this time, it was just rain. I did not feel like running in it plus I was dealing with either Maya or Naomi a lot of the time.

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