Friday, March 4, 2011

Lobster tails

Today is sunny and calm in the land of lobster tails, pronounced by the locals as lobstah. I was able to run to Castle Island without the threat of being swept away by the huge waves slapping over the causeway like the other day. Since it was cold and a workday, I was out there by myself with just the very low flying planes aproaching nearby Logan for company.It is so pretty being completely surrounded by water. The downside of the Harborwalk is that most of it is cement. Since nearby Day Blvd is smooth asphalt, I would jump over to it when there was no traffic to save my poor legs. There is a section near Carson Beach that has a boardwalk made from recycled bottles but half of it is smooth and slippery.

So what are lobster tails? Huge sfogliatelle found in the Italian neighborhood, the North End so named as they roughly resemble loster tails. The city famous for sfogliatelle? Napoli (Naples). We had them at the Caffe Gambrinus there. There are many southern Italian bakeries in Brooklyn but they don't call them lobster tails there. Flaky pastry filled with sweetened ricotta. I also brought some rainbow cookies for Naomi and some macaroons, full of almond paste, for myself. We also bought some panini for lunch but took them home as a certain grumpus needed a nap.

Necesito rioja, por favor.

These were the words I used years ago trying to buy wine late Sunday night in Seville. The only store we could find was one in which you stepped up to a window and told them what you wanted which meant no browsing and a reliance on my poor Spanish. I was asked if I wanted a good rioja?
The bottle cost 3x what we had been paying in Spain but it was good. Last night I sent Shanna out for red wine with no further instructions..just make it red. She came back with the same bottle that we were sold back in Spain (although a different year).
Muy Buenos

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Chez said...

My education continues Sue. Lobster tails. Mmm..delicious. A bottle of good red. Who could ask for more.


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