Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mildred Pierce

Recently I have been watching both versions: the 50+ year old version starring Joan Crawford and now the current one with Kate Winslett.Talk about a bad seed!  A mother sacrifices everything for her evil daughter. It is not clear where the evil comes from other than it is just her nature. At least in The Bad Seed, they give some hare-brained explanation for that girl's evil. I watched The Bad Seed years ago staying home one day sick. The movie fascinated me.

Last night I had nightmares concerning Naomi. She was supposed to do something and she wouldn't so I tried to make her feel guilty by throwing myself on the ground sobbing. She was unmoved. In real life, she did what she was supposed to do so all is fine.

Still winter here although it is at least pretty out.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Mildred Pierce is one of my daughter #1's favorite movies...and Kate Winslet her most favorite actress.
Hmm...suffice it to say that the DVR will be in use when the Divine Ms H is next at the homestead.

I do love the out-there quality of the Joan Crawford version...I have not yet seen any of the HBO version...I am waiting for them all to arrive so that I can have a marathon...


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