Friday, March 11, 2011

Traumatic birth

Almost every day this week has been spent babysitting or helping Naomi study and I am tired. Good thing I am 'retired.' But next week, she doesn't have so much scheduled and maybe, just maybe Steve and I can get away for a day or so.
Today she was in a study for traumatic birth as defined as a first birth in which the mom pushed for less than a half-hour or more than 2 hours. As she pushed for only about 5 minutes, she fell into the first category. All sorts of tests have been run to see what damage she has sustained, which I would guess is close to zero. I would argue that a baby that came out so fast without any drugs is just the opposite of a traumatic birth. Today she lay in a MRI. She thought it was relaxing as they covered her ears and had her encased in a warm blanket. Plus there was no screaming baby with her (she would be with me!). Today's effort netted her $220..not bad.
And there was more snow all over the place this morning..I am so tired of it. It did melt later so I could run without sliding around but as it was windy and I was tired, the run wiped me out.

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