Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Hour!

Tonight was happy hour with the Moms sipping on our $1.99 cosmos(es)..always fun,  planning our Moms' cruise  for next year. Hopefully this will come to pass.

The day was spent looking for a church for Ms. Naomi. Our first choice did not pan out. It would have been cool, my grandfather's church. He did not convert to Catholicism upon marrying my step-grandmother although in her will, much money was reserved for the local priest to conduct masses (messes in French) to save his soul.

 Still waiting on our second choice. She meanwhile has selected her music, easy to do with Youtube. At least she's learning about classical music.

I returned home to find homemade hamantaschen. Happy Purim! Thank-you so much MK.

We had our first thunderstorm last night. The sump pump was working overtime keeping us dry. I had bad dreams about being submerged under water  and trying to find our pug who had fallen into a stream. Sadly this was the warmest day for the week. Some sort of winter storm is brewing and I had hoped that all would be over.

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