Friday, March 25, 2011

Womb with a Vu

A woman in Australia recently developed the PreVue. This is an ultrasound based device one can wear that broadcasts to the world exactly what is going on in there. No mention what happens to the fetus exposed to so much ultrasound waves. I also am not 100% certain this is not a hoax.

Still unbelievably cold here and worse, a north wind. Basically north is uphill on this side of the river. To go uphill with a cold wind in your face is no fun. But I did have the wind on my back some of the time.

I am making finally some progress finding a venue for the wedding. I should be able to lock it in next week. It will be a perfect place: small, historical, pretty, nearby..Naomi has attended this church as a guest a couple of times in the past and remembers how pretty it is. The former minister used to have a child on a soccer team I coached.

Today I had a visitor on my blog from a country that I have never heard from, a first. Swaziland. From what I can tell, it probably was part of South Africa at one time. Its claim to fame (this is all according to my FlagCounter)is that it has the highest rate of HIV with 26% of the adults having the virus.

And Happy Birthday to a beloved friend! You know who you are.

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