Monday, March 7, 2011


You can see Josh in the background. Such a nice brother, taking his sister dress shopping though it is his wife Julia taking the pictures. It is her birthday today.

Syracuse..aka Snow Magnet..named after the Greek city that is now part of Italy, scared the daylights out of me yesterday. This part of NY is full of cities with names of the ancient world: Rome, Greece, Troy, Ilion, etc.I was thinking that I was born in NY and now I will die in NY.

I watched the babies one more time the night before I left so that their parents could have a rare night out. Since they left after the babies went to sleep, it was a pretty easy job for me except that Daniel woke up very upset to find himself with Not the Mama.

It was close to 60 when I left. While it was drizzling in the Berkshires, Steve called to tell me that somewhere between Albany and Syracuse, I would run into a blizzard. As it was still quite toasty, it was hard to believe but the temps kept falling and the drizzle turned into a few flakes and then snow coming down so furiously, I could barely see. Fortunately, not many trucks were on the road and I was on the least hilly part of the Thruway. Still when I had to switch lanes, I would hit a wall of slush that would make the car swerve. I went through about a 100 miles of heavy snow. I had stopped to rest at one point just to calm my nerves and to consider how much longer I wanted to drive in it though if I waited until today, it would have been worse. Eventually the plows were able to keep up with the snow and by the time I got to Rochester, I could drive at normal speeds again. I had the fastest border crossings ever this trip. I always have to decide which is the better crossing: Windsor or Sarnia. Windsor may be shorter (1.8 miles, I finally had the trip odometer on both ways) but it involves going through the city for a long time plus there was construction on the 401 and I though on a Sunday night, the crossing would be busier. I opted for Sarnia but it wasn't the best choice this time. The poorly designed 402 has no barriers to protect the west bound traffic from blowing snow. It was sunny but the north winds pushed dangerous amounts of snow onto the road that in parts turned into glare ice. There were 4 cars off the road because of it and the rest of us had to creep slowly on the very bad parts not to join them. The road crews must have thought since it was sunny and not snowing, their jobs were done. Ha. It was worse than the blizzard around Syracuse, plenty of accidents there too.

My satellite radio kept me company. And I had plenty of time to think though I guess I always have that.

I returned to a now empty corner and a zillion e-mails from Naomi asking which wedding dress I like. Above are fronts and backs of 2 that she is considering. I prefer the first..readers? She can focus on nothing else except this wedding.

The public health nurse who last month thought Maya had too low of muscle tone and who sent a team of nurses in to evaluate Maya (who thought Maya was wonder baby) came this morning. I wanted to question her myself. She now says Maya is fine but she said a month ago, she was looking at a different baby and that Maya somehow improved dramatically.

Fortunately the sun warmed things up from the frigidity of this morning so I ran up hills for the first time in a long time (I had been running at the Y and then on flat shorelines in Boston) I was still stiff and tired from the car ride so it was not too much fun.

No more Y. As Steve is working albeit for peanuts I will not qualify for a scholarship. And the money he earns is earmarked for other things.

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