Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out, out damn spots...

When I lost my hair 2 years ago, a black spot slightly larger than a dime was revealed that was in front of my ear. This spot never had seen the light of day. Melanoma? I asked my onc. She recommended a dermatologist who thought it was 'nothing' but removed and biopsied it..benign. But she saw a few pale brown spots on my forehead she found troubling (also never exposed to the sun..I have thick bangs) and removed them by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Ow! Well they are back along with the black spot, which I can feel but not see, and new spots are forming..all on places where the sun doesn't shine.
A pain.
I was called bright and early to deal with Maya as Naomi needed to see her doctor concerning some infection she had. Then we spent a few hours studying as we have things to do tomorrow. I got to run in the afternoon. It is warmer then but my energy levels are lower as the day progresses. My responsibilities are gradually diminishing. Maybe I will start having fun soon.

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Holly said...

have fun Sue...please have fun! YOU deserve fun...we ALL do...


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