Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach was no pleasure today due to gale force winds. I should have run there yesterday when it was calm and sunny. Finally the sun has melted more of a path in the Ice-MA though I still had to run on the non-icy beach for part of the run, a smaller part though than a few days ago. Running in sand is no fun. Usually I like to run the mile long causeway out in the middle of the bay to get to Castle Island but the tide was coming in and huge waves splashed over the causeway. I narrowly escaped being soaked. During parts of the run, I was sandblasted by the sand the winds picked up. And I saved facing the wind for the way back, also not wise though it made the run to Pleasure Beach more pleasurable.

This week will probably be my last next to the water. If all goes to plan, Shanna et al will be living more inland in the fall. As they are coming to MI for both the baptism in May and the wedding in August, I won't be back here for a while.

Sad news back in Michigan: One of the girl scout moms just died. When Shanna was in middle school, 4 of us moms formed a support group of sorts in which we would go out to dinner once a month and commiserate about the difficulties of raising a middle school girl, not my favorite age group.Two of the moms moved away, though one of them just became my Facebook friend, and our little group fell apart. Mazie did live down the street but I had no idea she was sick. Her house burned badly last spring after being struck with lightning. I run by occasionally and see her husband and son and Naomi is buddies with a grandson but I have not seen Mazie in years.

Right now Daniel is having a tantrum, not enough sleep but he doesn't want to take a nap. I am afraid I am not being much help.

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