Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother of the groom dress

Above is Naomi and I at Josh's wedding back in 2006. We appear to be the same height because Naomi removed her painful heels and I am wearing mine. I loved this dress: diaphanous silk, so soft and light. I had looked for months to find it. Also notice my hair: this was my hair before cancer, straight and silky. I did not bother to color it even though there were streaks of gray. But after chemofest, my hair came back curly and devoid of color. It appeared to be black, white and gray with no blond whatsoever. It made me look even more haggard so now I have it colored. As time goes on, my hair becomes straighter and straighter but I don't think the color is coming back.

So I guess I should find a mother of the bride dress but I want to lose weight before the search starts. But if all else fails, this one fits.


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Teri Bernstein said...

I think it would be good luck. Plus, it is a good color with Naomi's hair...


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