Monday, February 28, 2011

Early intervention

Oliver originally qualified for early intervention due to a speech delay. He is so gifted in other ways, we were certain that he would be able to compensate for his enuciation issues. Plus I have seen this before, with Josh asking to go fwimming and for me to read him a 'pooky tory'.But at 3, Oliver was re-evaluated and was found to speak age appropriately. So no more classes for him until he goes to preschool this fall. But Shanna enrolled Daniel in Oliver's former enrichment class and we went to Jamaica Plain to watch him through a one way mirror. Oliver was out of sorts because he really loved the class but aged out. Daniel isn't used to being minus his mom but he knew the teacher so he didn't seem upset when Shanna disappeared.

Oh this weather! Somehow a forecasted dusting of snow yesterday turned into 4 inches and overnight, freezing rain coating the sidewalks with glare ice. Not to worry, temps in the high 40s were forecasted but..this did not happen either. I ended up running in a large parking lot just to be moving a little. At least the also forecasted gale force winds didn't materalize.

The Oscars were fun to watch..favorite dress? That blue shiny number of Anne Hathway with a rose lace dress on Scarlett J. as a second. I love Colin Firth, the infamous Mr. Darcy.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Oh, I love Mr. Darcy, too. Plus, he was so dry-Brit-wit in his speech. I'm glad Aaron Sorkin won. That's about it. I thought Anne Hathaway did a great job all around...and I liked Jennifer Hudson's red dress as well.

On early interventions...the babies I know are all being treated as though there is something wrong with just needs to be discovered. So much hypervigilance and nervousness. I suppose it does some good, but I am thinking it does some harm, too. Most things work themselves out in the long haul...some longer than others, heh, heh. I suppose I am a case in point.


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