Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ice-9 is a theoretical polymorph of water that has a melting point above 100 degrees. A seed crystal of it would cause the oceans to freeze, our blood to crystallize, etc and it would be the end of life. It is discussed at length in The Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. OK, so that's science fiction but here in Massachusetts, there appears to be a polymorph of water that I will call Ice-MA. This stuff forms at temps above 32, resists the sun, and salt has no effect on it. I noticed it as soon as I crossed the NY-MA border in the middle of the night. The car thermometer read 34 which I thought meant, no freezing but the snow was piling up fast and furiously. As I climbed into the Berkshires, the temp dropped to 31. Curves, hills, ice, semi comatose driver, suicidal truck drivers...a perfect storm for disaster. It wasn't until I dropped into the foothills and the temp was 37 degrees that the snow finally turned to rain so I only had the MassHoles (up and about now as it was early morning commute time), hydroplaning, and increasing fatigue to contend with. What are Massholes? A particularly aggressive species of driver native to the area that slow down for nothing. Normally I don't mind them, prefering them to the super cautious yet incompetant just learning drivers populating the NE sector of Ann Arbor, but with my now sketchy reaction time, they were scaring me.

When I don't get to run, I become crabby. Thursday was spent quizzing Naomi for her test FRiday (cancelled due to the weather..HA!!!). Torrential rains and wind here Friday that later turned into an ice storm didn't make running too attractive plus the fact I came here to see the babies and was tired beyond belief. Since I was too lazy to go to the office Friday for the weekly pass to park here without being towed, until Monday I have to move the car and get a daily pass every day. The car yesterday was encased in ice despite it being above freezing and sunny. Damn that Ice-MA! I waited most of the day for the sun to burn through that ice. Finally right before sundown, amazingly early here, I attempted to run on the beach path. All covered with snow still despite days of 50 degree weather! I finally found a semi-clear path about a mile from here though I had to run on frozen sand to get there and of course the wind was unbearable. It was supposed to be warm today and it is ,,but a new 3 inches of snow fell.

But I didn't come here to dear Readers. I came to see the babies. It is sad that I can see them so rarely. Daniel does not remember me from one visit to the next. In November, he recoiled from me in terror..stranger, danger!...I would approach him asking if I could hold him and he would solemnly shake his head No. He was awake when I came Friday morning and ran to me..very sweet. He now has a head full of thick curls, very cute. Oliver has become very chatty though I still don't know what he is saying most of the time. But I love being with them.

Yesterday Shanna and I went  out to lunch, WITHOUT babies, a treat for her.Nearby is Little Viet Nam and we went to their nicest restaurant though I still prefer Dalat in Ypsi. Up and down Dorchester Avenue are bakeries promising French baked goods. Sounded good to me but after stopping at several of them, the baked goods in question were baguettes stuffed with dried fish..NOT what I had in mind. But I will get my baked good fix in the North End with the various Sicilian bakeries so don't feel too sorry for me.

At night, Shanna and Ramy went for a very rare dinner together WITHOUT babies. This of course meant that someone would be with babies. Stranger..danger indeed! Oliver clung to his parents' legs pleading for them not to leave..please take him too. Once Daniel figured out they left while he was otherwise occupied, he was furious and demanded to go out to look for them. But after a very rough 10 minutes, the parents were forgotten. Oliver and I put together a puzzle and Daniel played with his trains. Not much drama aside from Oliver's tendency to throw everything back on the floor after I cleaned everything up.Yep I am being tested.

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Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue, I also get naggy and stressed when I dont run xx


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