Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yeah I read them and often I find someone I know, more often as I grow older. Yesterday for instance, a father of a classmate of Josh's died of some kind of cancer. I never met the man but I went to his house.
It was on the night of Josh's first high school dance, Homecoming. Since the kids were freshmen and could not drive, a complicated set of carpools were set up, one set of parents to take them to dinner; another to take them to the dance, and one to take them home. They amassed at this house for pictures to be taken. I took a bunch of pictures of Josh and his date, who was beautiful but taller than him, and several parents asked me to take pictures of their kids. Alas, when I came home, I found out I had no film in the camera. This was before digital cameras.
I had met the mom, the woman who became a widow this week, earlier. We were chaperoning a middle school dance and both assigned to guarding a door, not a 2 person job. I took several breaks to peek in the gym where the kids were dancing, an area that I was  forbidden to enter by Josh. Kids do not want their parents to see them dance at this age. I told the mom she could take a break and see how her Jessi was doing. Oh no! I promised her I wouldn't come any where near the gym.
OK then. Then she asked me if I'd go check to see who Jessi was dancing with.

I occasionally find some of the people I met in cancer support groups in the obits. Once, right before Naomi was born, I found my old boyfriend.

So does this weather suck or what? A new storm is headed our way. I will leave to Boston in a few hours to escape it. Not looking forward to the drive. I will leave once rush hour is finished. I am all packed.

Today, a nursing student and her supervisor came to check on Maya. This time I made sure I was around. The public health nurse had asked them to come, the one who thought Maya has deficient muscle tone. Well Maya performed all her tricks, crawling a few months before most kids do, cruising, pulling herself up repeatedly and even walked with the nurse holding her hands. They were amazed with her co-ordination and strength. The only thing she refused to do is to lie on the scale to be weighed. She wants to keep moving. In the interview, they asked how much formula she drank. None. I guess they just automatically assume any young mom doesn't nurse, which is kind of insulting. The student will come by herself in the future.

The rest of the day was spent helping Naomi study for a test. No school for her next week, which is why I chose this time to leave. Naomi will be busy though. Her old coach has asked her to help out with his team.

So even though Shanna does have a computer, I might not be posting so often.


Marthaller Connection said...

Wishing you a safe trip and a happy time with your daughter and grandsons!

Marthaller Connection said...

I have two accounts and can never remember which one to use, hence the marthaller connection


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