Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rules of engagement

The ring. Naomi's fingers look sawed off here, not sure why  she is holding her fingers closed. 
Naomi is officially engaged though the details of this wedding remain fuzzy, especially when. In a year? She is very young though Don'tae is older than both Steve and I were when we got married. And of course, they do have Maya who will always be a part of both of their lives and they have been together for two years.The ring is being resized. Despite Naomi appearing to be very thin, she is big boned with big knuckles.

Warm (well 35 degrees..all is relative) and sunny today so I ran out into the country. I still can't go on the dirt roads that I prefer as they are icy. But the sun does improve my mood.

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Alli said...

Sue I have come to realize that once they think they are grown, no matter what opinion you may have is like water running off a duck's back...... They will do what they want in spite of it..
BTW The Tamoxifen is for the remaining time so another 4 years since I was on Arimidex for 1. I had to call and ask.....

Alli xx


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