Sunday, February 20, 2011

Learning to sit

The year: 1982
The place: A Montessori school
The event: Circle time

The three year olds are sitting in a circle learning today's lesson. One child is not like the rest: instead of sitting cross-legged as the others are doing, she sits between her legs which are folded back to her sides. She is told to sit like the others which she tries to do but soon resorts to her more comfortable position. The teacher calls the mom in dismay and concern. Well that's how her father sits.

A few year later, a pediatrician notices the knock-knees and suggests a orthopedic consult. The mom points out how functional the inherited legs are: the father can do marathons in under 8 minute miles. Besides, she has hauled this child to numerous consults for other conditions. Years later, the girl has a child who also likes to sit in this strange position.

Flash forward to yesterday. Josh, Maya, Naomi and I are on the floor. We wanted to show Josh Maya's unique crawling technique. Lots of swinging arm motions with just a little leg action (where have we seen that motion before?). At one point, Maya rests from all the vigorous arm swinging: she sits between her folded up legs before again trying to reach her quarry (Grandma's toes). Can Josh sit like that? Are you kidding me? No! Josh inherited my relative inflexibility as opposed to Steve's hyperflexibility.

Fortunately the public health  nurse hasn't noticed this. The baby seems co-ordinated and strong to me and is doing tricks well before my other kids (excepting maybe Josh who walked before 10 months and was running just a few weeks later).

It is cold outside again. I ran before this ice storm is supposed to hit as tomorrow, the streets will not be good to run on. I look forward to being in Boston in less than a week. It is generally warmer there and I miss the little guys.

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Chez said...

Sue my experience as a Kumon Supervisor taught me that many learning difficulties were as a result of babies not being given the opportunity to crawl. Parents thought they were doing the 'right' thing in putting infants into walkers, swings etc. There is nothing like allowing children to do what comes naturally. Each one of them unique and individual! Love your wisdom!


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