Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The oncology visit

Just going to the waiting room brings a lump to my throat and causes my heart to race even though I know not much was going to be uncovered in this visit. I was supposed to go this morning but my mind, clearly on something else, confused two different appointments. I offered to cancel or reschedule but they thought they could squeeze me in. So I ended up waiting over an hour..my fault though.

As predicted, I appear healthy. The seroma I have is 5 cm. By mammogram, it looks like a tumor but by ultrasound, it is part liquid and part solid. She mentionned that someday it might burst and I shouldn't be surprised. After May, I will only see these people twice a year. I am thinking of skipping May.

Naomi came over to discuss the wedding. I am having a hard time getting excited by this.

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