Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mom's group redux

Above are the first set of babies from the Mom's group. They are about a year old here and will turn 32 years this summer. Can you believe it? Shanna, the only girl, is in back sucking on a bottle. It is probably empty. She liked to walk around with the bottle holding the nipple with her teeth. Occasionally she'd bite the nipple off and there would be a mess.

One of the moms quit the group about 7 years later though I see her out and about  occasionally.

These babies have scattered to the winds. Only one of them is still in state, though I think the quitting mom's son is here too. There seems to be no correlation between birth weight and adult weight in this group. Shanna was the biggest baby of these 6 but she probably weighs the least (though she is female). She went from being in the 95+%tile as a 9 month baby to being 10%tile for weight as a ten year old.

Thursdays are the big study day for Naomi. Hopefully I can find a place to park today around the Y after our big snow.

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nancyspoint said...

Hi Sue, Aren't old pictures like this fun? Makes one wonder where the years go! Thanks for sharing.


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