Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Bacteria made me fat!

No I do not love snow
If you take in more calories than you use, you'll get fat. People on the average are getting fatter and fatter..more TV choices, more time at the computer, less walking..yeah, yeah, yeah. But people aren't the only creatures getting fatter, of 24 different species studied by David Alliison at the University of Alabama, from lab mice, cats, feral rats, monkeys, all of them are getting more obese. The only population that hasn't gained significant weight is dogs. Now these animals aren't spending more time at the computers and eating fast food. What gives? Various organisms and possible endocrine disrupting chemicals perhaps. There has been a proliferation in gut bacteria that extract more calories out of food for the host. Infection by a certain adenovirus causes obesity in animals. Certain chemicals in the environment such as BPA binds to receptors that trigger proliferation of fat cells.

Although I am firmer and more compact since my escape from cancerland, there is still too much of me to love. I try to run at least 25 miles a week and spend an hour or so lifting weights. I no longer eat fried foods and I've been cutting back on wine while increasing my fruit and vegetable intake.

We are waiting for the big snow. Naomi's classes were cancelled for tonight. No garbage pick-up tomorrow. We really haven't had much snow this year but there is always something making everything slippery.

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