Wednesday, February 2, 2011

La Neve and England

Tower Bridge: London
York from ramparts..above York Devil above that, a stained glass window from Canterbury
Salisbury stream
Salisbury cathedral
Inside Harrod's
Big Ben
Chipping Camden
Canterbury stream across for our hotel
Cotswold cottage
begonias in Bath

Sometimes Blogger makes me want to tear my hair out as it just erased all what I wrote.

My former employer yesterday announced that it would close its English site where 2400 employees work. Much of the area around it is dependent on this site. Welcome to Michigan. Many of my former colleagues were transferred there when our site closed in 2007 although they seemed to be the first to go during various downsizings. Steve was assigned there for 3 weeks in the summer of 2007. I went to join him for his last week of working and then we toured the country. See above pictures. In my last few entries in my other blog (Sue in Italia: see my profile) I wrote about this trip.

La neve: The snowstorm was downgraded to a 'winter storm' from a blizzard. In the middle of the night, the snow turned into icy sleet, more dense so the overall snowfall isn't that impressive. I see 7 inches on my picnic table and some of that was there before. My usually busy street in back of our house has few cars on it though I saw a cross country skier on the bike path. Many places are closed with the notable exception being UM. They almost never close. Today our 'paper' listed the biggest snowstorms of the past 120 years. The biggest occurred during  the Sunday  of Thanksgiving break when I was a senior at UM and had a test scheduled that Monday. Like many students, I was away from Ann Arbor. Flights were cancelled and there was more than 2 feet in the suburbs. We were afraid that UM would expect us to be at class on Monday and the snow would be no excuse. My then boyfriend's father drove 10 miles out of his way to pick me up to drive the 3 hours to Ann Arbor (usually a 40 minute trip..we didn't have the same X-pressways then). Well they cancelled then and maybe they did again in Jan 1978 when we had another big snow and had just moved into our new house. We couldn't leave for 2 days.

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