Thursday, February 17, 2011

It takes a village...

At one point, Shanna had to make a diorama of a Native American village. These are the pseudo-birch bark huts of the Ojibway. At the Natural History Museum, they had various Native American dioramas but they are all gone now..not PC

Graham cracker houses for a Girl  Scout project. I had these for years before ants got to them

Early attempt to make candy houses
As Naomi is a young mom, she gets regular visits from both a social worker and a public health nurse. She really likes the social worker who feels that Naomi is an excellent mom and that Maya is thriving. It's the nurse though that comes up with things from left field. Yesterday she mentioned that to her it appears that Maya does not have proper muscle tone. This is very surprising to me as Maya can perform various physical feats well before other babies. She is pulling herself to a standing position, she can cruise for short bursts, she can crawl in good form, she can get into a sitting position easily...all of these milestones are at least a month or two earlier than average. She also asked if Maya likes to eat. Naomi says that sometimes it is hard to  satisfy Maya as she does like her food so much. Then she got a lecture about how obesity can lead to to diabetes. What!?! Maya is tall and thin...and there are no diabetics in our family. Both of Maya's parents are quite thin.
I will make sure I am at the next visit to question this nurse more closely. At anyrate, the doctor thinks the baby is doing great and that is what counts.

We will have 2 days of spring. I can see patches of grass here for the first time in 2 if not three months. 


krisa said...

That nurse has an agenda, she sounds like she is the one who needs a social worker. I would be outraged by her comments.

Alli said...

Some of them are just over zealous in their little worlds believing without their visits no way would infants be thriving.
I recall having a nurse come to my house when adam was just a little over a year old. They were checking for co-ordination manual dexterity if they walk baby babble. There was a test he was supposed to do by placing a small jar on the coffee table upon instruction he was to drop raisins into the little jar. Of course he did the total opposite instead of the jat they went directly into his mouth. I remember her being pissed off complaining that that's not what the test was. I looked at her shook my head told her the meeting was over.......

Sue I was looking to see if you had an email Next week won't be possible Nate is going in to have his wisdom teeth removed. I was just waiting for them to confirm the date at the hospital. It would have been nice to meet you but I can't leave him on his own... Sorry :(

Chez said...

Sue, agree with Krisa about the possibility of a hidden agenda. Seems like a wise move to be in attendance during the next visit.
Shanna has a gift; her creations are special.

Holly said...

i must weigh in with all the other feedback..the nurse is a dork!


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