Saturday, July 4, 2009

Travelling tour guide

I live on the edge of town. If I run north for 1.5 miles, I am out of the beltline that circles Ann Arbor and I am out where there are not many houses. Today north of the beltline, I encountered a group of about 8 Asian women slowly walking in the middle of the road-not a good idea as the road is nicely paved and cars really speed on it. They stopped me asking where some obscure street was. There are numerous private roads that go off into the woods off the roads up there. I don't keep track of the names. I pointed to the nearest one, about .2 mile ahead thinking it was what they wanted. Josh had a friend that lived on it and I remembered it started with "T". They were looking for Tamerack. I ran further, turned around and found them again. They had passed the driveway I had suggested they turn on. Their English was very poor.. I walked with them to the little driveway where I had told them to turn. Alas the road was 'Trailhead' not Tamerack-I had just seen the T on the handmade sign. I asked if any of them had a cellphone on them so I could call my husband. Surprisingly they did not or maybe they did and thought I'd run off with it. Soon a former colleague of mine pulled in the drive. He had never heard of the street they were looking for and he lived right there so they went back. The colleague was retained by my former employer as he is able to work from home. They had seen me for the first time in a year the other day and wondered what happened to me.


As I was running earlier on the bikepath that leads me out to the fringes, I passed a couple who looked vaguely familiar. The woman just said Wow.
Not sure what she meant by that. Like Wow, you certainly run funny or Wow, it is good that that you are trying to get back after going through so much.

It is a beautiful day yet it is hard to enjoy as those mosquitoes are out in full force. In the past, I only had to deal with them as the sun sat but they are out in the middle of the day.

Happy 4th everyone!

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Sara Williams said...

I think the WOW was because that person was in awe of you. I mean, so many people without disease or illness say "I cant run" so to see someone like you is truly amazing xx


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