Monday, July 27, 2009

All these showers bring summer flowers

Day lilies and Black-eyed Susans

Neighbor's six foot high lilies I've never seen lilies so big

My hibiscus although in real life, it is burgundy (pinot noir) not red. It is a very big blossom
What grows well really varies from year to year. Lilies, impatiens, begonias, and geraniums really are doing well. My gerber daisies and verbena, not so well.

I am currently engaged in a game of phone tag with the hospital. The radiologist is supposed to send me a letter justifying why they took more than the insurance allowed positioning x-rays and it has been 2 weeks since it has been promised. All I know is that I am not paying for them. According to Aetna, I was supposed to question every single procedure as it was performed to make sure it was covered and really necessary.
My Cuban lunch with Josh and Julia was nice. One of my side dishes was mashed tropical yams. The yellow things usually served as 'yams' aren't true yams but a variety of sweet potato. The tropical yams are huge and white. The chemist who first synthesized the hormones for birth control bills used Mexican yam extracts as his starting material. The Yoruba people of Nigeria eat these yams as a major part of their diet and have the highest rate of twinning in the world-super ovulaters. They also have a high rate of triple negative breast cancer. Could it be these yams? As I was spouting this trivia, Josh lost his appetite for my yams though I wanted Julia to eat more. Maybe she can have twins down the road.
I was too tired to run yesterday though I lifted weights at the Y, which isn't that far from the Cuban place. I didn't want to carry my shoes with me so I just wore socks. I was told that was unacceptable. All day, sudden rain showers would pop up and then disapppear after a minute or so. Got hit by several of these. I was able to have a good run this morning-6.5 miles.


Sara Williams said...

Why wasnt it acceptable to wear sox? I think the Yams have got alot to answer for, I have never tasted them though. I do like sweet potatoe - discovered it when the boys were weening. Glad you got a run in and the flowers are wonderful x

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

They said I need shoes in case I dropped a weight on my toe although I was using machines, not free weights.

robert said...

Wow those summer flowers are just so pretty!! Lilies are looking so beautiful...


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