Thursday, July 16, 2009

So long ago

The view from my window in the monastery that I was staying in

A year ago I was in Italy for 5 weeks. It seems so long ago. Sigh. Little did I know what I was in store for when I returned. Aside from the discomfort from the chemo, the damage to my body, the expense of all those co-pays and the aggravation of dealing with insurance companies (Aetna still thinks my positioning x-rays were a frivolous expense on my part and thus I should pay for them), the worst thing is this black cloud hanging over my head whispering It could could back.


Sara Williams said...

I know its hard Sue, but be positive. It WONT come back! I am so sorry you have had all the aggrivation over insurance, it just shouldnt happen!

Think of those wonderful memories of last year and hold the feeling.

One thing we have in common, my husband and I visited Rome for a long weekend just before Christmas and like you.... little did I know then....

Beth said...

Hi Sue - just wanted to check - do you know Melissa Etheridge's song 'I Run For Life'? I'm sure you do, but I heard it yesterday and thought of you...

Have a good day,


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