Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Shayna Shanna!!!

Relaxing before the wedding
Just graduated from high school

As a freshman for Coming home dance

As a 9 year old. She always hated the short hair but she was so cute

Age 3 with Dad and baby brother Josh

Age 3 months
It is so hard to believe that today Shanna turns 30! I must be old, right? I was so looking forward to having her. Her due date was July 5th and the days after that seemed really to drag. At one point, I even went in for an induction as my blood pressure was out of control but it didn't work.
She was a very easy cheerful baby who was content to just watch the world go by. I worried that she wasn't hitting all those developmental milestones but was relieved when she began to speak at an early age. She was a very clever girl loving to read voraciously at an early age. We went through some rough patches in middle school but then she decided to apply herself and did very well in high school and college. We have very similar tastes in books and movies even though our personalities are quite different. I really enjoy being with her. Now she is concentrating on being the best mom possible to her almost 18 month son Oliver and to her other son that will be born in 7 weeks. I was very proud to be with her as she was in labor with Oliver. She is a fantastic, loving mother and daughter. I am so happy that I had her. Happy Birthday, Shoshanna!


Sara Williams said...

Thank you for sharing this intimate part of your life. Your daughter is beautiful. I loved her short hair, so cute and what a gorgeous baby xx

Holly said...

congratulations on your 30th anniversary of becoming a mom!! Shoshannah is goregous...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks guys for your continued support. I am real proud of her, just wish she didn't live 760 miles away.


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