Sunday, July 26, 2009


As part of my recovery plan, I have tried to increase my intake of fruit and vegetables. The other day, I bought some fruit that appeared to be apricots but the label said 'apriums' so I assume they are a apricot-plum hybrid. I've heard of plumcots before. These look like apricots but taste more like plums. I eat plenty of peaches and blueberries also. My raspberry crop is almost gone but I have my wild black raspberries and gooseberries. I really don't like gooseberries but I have a friend who eats my crop.

One of many vices is pomegranate green tea. If it had more than 5% juice in it, I suppose it would actually be good for me. I dilute it out with seltzer after a run.

So the lady who made my blue top wants to put me on her website ( website: So my short pineapple hair will be seen by more.

La Pina-my new name. I don't have the necessary accent marks to write that correctly. The hair continues to grow out only on top. They used to called that Panama dictator -the pineapple but that was due to his bad skin, not his spiky hair. My skin is fine, even has some oil glands now but the eyelashes are getting thinner and thinner.

Running was very hard for me yesterday. I waited until the rain stopped but it was very humid. I keep going for more records-28.8 miles this week but my legs are now dead. Today I will go to the Y. Right now I am waiting to go out with my son for lunch.

Last night a friend came over and we had Vietnamese-always tasty in Ypsi at Dalat. We then watched junk TV. "Hung" is pretty funny.

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Sara Williams said...

That is so positive to be featured on a web page, shows you how good you look! You are right about the North/South divide and yes there are regional dialects. Most welsh is spoken in the Mid, north eastern parts of Wales. They do teach welsh in school but not enough for the children to speak it. However there are welsh only schools.Cymraeg just means welsh, Cymru being Wales. It is so interesting to have two languages though. Your running is brilliant, almost 30 miles in a week!!!! Amazing.. well done you xxxx


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