Friday, July 10, 2009

Hair in public

Aunt Naomi with Oliver a month ago. He will be back in a few weeks with his parents. His mom, Shanna, just finished Week 31 of pregnancy with his little brother.
Grandpa Steve with the precious one

Oliver enjoying his corn

Oliver going for a drive

On top, my hair might be an inch and a half now. I've been putting in gel so it will appear longer. Excepting when I am out running, I've been wearing the wig as I really feel nude without much hair. I'm not a particularly modest person: I don't make great pains to hide my body when dressing in locker rooms even though my body isn't anything to be proud of in its puffy state (less puffy now) but I didn't want anyone to see my bald head. No it is not deformed as I have been asked. Early on in my baldness (Week two)at the Look Good, Feel better program, it was suggested that I remove my cap as it would make it easier to put on the make-up. No way even though I was amongst the newly bald. Actually the cold air on my scalp made it painfully cold. Seven months later, my scalp has had plenty of time to toughen up and I am not bald anymore. This week I've been going out now with my new hair. My first trip, the cancer cooking class in which the people there were very supportive and complimentary (It's about time!!!several people said). Yesterday I was among non-cancer people out and about with my petite spikes and didn't get too many stares or gasps so maybe I will retire the wig as it is uncomfortable. It does keep the mosquitoes out of my ears though. Pesky things though the no rain this week has diminished them thankfully.
I'm not running today to rest the legs though I will work out with weights later. This morning is the breast cancer support group followed by the all cancer lunch. Cancer, cancer, cancer.

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Sara Williams said...

I never opted for the wig but chose scarves & bandanas. Been too hot and uncomfortable and as it is growing back I though "what the heck" and I am getting used to going comando!!!

20 years ago I was a goth punk and I did it because I didnt want people to see a pretty face I wanted them to look beyond and see ME! It was liberating.

I liken this part of my life to being like my goth punk era "this is me, take me for what I am" my kids and animals do and my beloved husband so I dont care about anyone else.

I find it empowering now and something to be embraced although I will sure be glad when I can have a hair style!!!!


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