Monday, July 13, 2009

more flowers

Red calla lily Somehow red does not photograph well
This variety of snapdragon is called 'angel face' but the little faces look very angry

My rooster is still growing. The ugly little knobs should turn into flowers soon

Naomi showing off her skinny jeans
Last week I bought a 'hardy' hibiscus with big burgundy blossoms. Hardy to Zone 5, the tag said. What zone are we? Well, for my neck of the woods, zone 6a. The warmest part of Michigan is 6b, a small area around Lake St. Clair. Most of the county I live in is Zone 5 except where I live so my hibiscus should survive.
As much as I hate Naomi driving, the car is a great motivational tool. The other day I had some chores for her to do before she could use the car. I didn't notice until she was gone that she didn't do it so for now, she isn't among the driving. But I have plans! Well those plans will have to include either walking or the bus. But the bus is so ghetto!!!!
While running a while back, I found a bus token. I was disappointed that it wasn't a quarter. Over the years I have found close to $100 while running-a fifty dollar bill wadded aside the road accounting for most of my booty. I gave her the token and showed her how to read a bus schedule-the bus runs behind our house. But with most of the punishments I mete out, I end up suffering too. She couldn't get back so I had to pick her up. I had to drive her to the doctor's today.
Lazy days of summer. We had a nice lunch the other day with my son and his wife. The latter just got a promotion. The economy has not been kind to her. The business that she had worked for a year ago went bankrupt. She and her business partner had started a pet pawtisserie too that they had to close due to the bad conditions here.
The weather is cool and dry but my legs are sore from all the running. I haven't wore my wig in a week but my hair is still very short. My body is getting stronger; the chemo nails have almost grown out just my spirit really hasn't recovered. It doesn't take much to make me sad.


S. F. Heron said...

The sadness seems to be ever present now - I've noticed it too. I don't feel like me anymore. Maybe I won't come back but I am most certainly thankful to be here.

Love the flowers :) I need to take some pictures of Jackie's flowers that we started from seed. We told her last week she had a green thumb and she stuck her thumb up and told us it wasn't green :)

Be well sweetie!

Sara Williams said...

I am emotional right now too. However you have a beautiful spirit and love of life and you will get through this. I love your flowers, you have grown them with patience and love. Your story about Naomi made me smile, one day you will look back at these times and giggle too.

Take care my friend ((hugs))

Vickan said...

Sue, I have been reading your blogg now and I was diagnosed 3Neg also 1,5 year ago.. having the similar feelings thoughts experiences. Interested in all your useful "investigations". If you like to get in touch plz feel free


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