Friday, July 24, 2009

Crickets and Vultures

Different years bring different life forms. This is the summer of no crickets. Has anyone else heard them this year? All I hear is the occasional locust and the mosquitoes buzzing in my ears.
But what I have been seeing are plenty of vultures. Hope this isn't some cosmic idea of foreshadowing. As Stu and I were cooling down the other day from our runs, two circled closely overhead. Today in another place while running, one came fairly close to me. Ugly things. Hopefully I don't smell like a dead animal to them (or anybody else).

Naomi went to the dermatologist today to investigate what turned out to cysts. One was in her armpit, a scary place but supposedly, no worries. Her job training was delayed yet another week.

Spending the evening with a good friend. Should be fun.

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Sara Williams said...

Vultures! Glad we don't have them in the UK! We dont really have crickets either! Moor Hens - they are a type of water bird, very pretty. Glad that Naomi had good news about the cysts, what a relief x


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