Thursday, July 2, 2009

A sea of pink

This is what Breast Cancer Barbie should like-bald and minus the evening gown. For more realism, should be pasty white with dark circles under the eyes, should be a tad plumper from steroid induced water weight.
This is "Pink Ribbon" Barbie, a bizarre attempt to increase breast cancer awareness among the pre-teen set.

It's now July(hard to believe for me as June just flew by), not October when everything turns pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness. One then could buy pink bagels shaped like ribbons then. I've seen toasters, jewelry, t-shirts, yogurt awash in pink but the strangest item would be Pink Ribbon Barbie. One woman in blogsphere pickets stores who peddle such pinkness with signs "Breast Cancer is a Disease-not a Marketing Opportunity".
I guess I should be glad that I have such a 'popular cancer' vs an unpopular one such as anal cancer. No ribbons for that. I have mixed feelings about the mass marketing aspects of breast cancer. If it puts more money into research-- fine but there is an exploitative aspect to it that just doesn't sit right.
Life goes on. Naomi has her first interview in an hour for a waitress job. She is very nervous. Her anxiety must have infiltrated my dreams. I was waiting for her to complete an interview in a lobby of a 8 story building. She was taking a long time coming out of it so I decided to climb the stairs to see what was going on (no elevator in my dreams). I kept climbing and climbing-way more than 8 flights. Finally I found her perched at the edge of a bed with a pimp like person lying in it. She was interviewing to be a prostitute!!! She said no-all she would have to do is play cards all night with this guy. That was the job-I am always exaggerating.
In response to my blog yesterday, I received an anonymous e-mail from a 'resender' address informing me what my daughter really should be called. Thanks for that...NOT.
I will try "cancer yoga" today and then visit the Y and see if my old classmates show up. It is another cool day but I am taking a break. I was able to extend my running without stopping for more than 5 miles yesterday.
I did talk to the nurse yesterday of my primary. I had received a lab requisition form from them in anticipation of my physical next week. I was puzzled as I had labs done 3 weeks ago so I gave them a call. I was admonished for not using the competing St. Joe's system in which it is easier for them to get results but my insurance won't cover that . I asked her when she finally found my results what my TSH was. She gave a very high number indicating that I was hypothyroid. I said that number seems strangely familiar-please check the date. Oh that was from last year. Now my TSH is very low indicating hyper but I also know that I had the same number, my thyroid level actually was on the low side. And my white count still hasn't come back almost 4 months out from my last poisoning!
I went to Happy Hour yesterday with some of the moms. With many conflicting schedules, it is hard for all of us to get together. I still wear my wig when I go out and am not exercising. One inch long hair just doesn't look all that good on me


Sarah said...

Sue I love your posts. Somehow you make all the horrid things you are going through just a little bit funny. I'd feel guilty giggling..but I think that is your intention. Huge hugs and hopw you are feeling well!! You are amazing girl!!! Sarah

Daria said...

I like the bald Barbie much better ... way way more realistic.

I'm not a big fan of the 'pink stuff' for breast cancer ... it's to perfect perfect ... not reality.

Sara Williams said...

I love the bald Barbie and the additional affects you have added with the loo and charts etc!! Very clever.

Sorry someone sent you an anonymous message re your daughter, if people have got something to say they should be prepared to "stand up and be counted".

Glad your daughter is going for an interview, it will be good for her and probably "make" her as a person.

You are doing really well Sue, and I love your blogs

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Much as I would like to take credit for bald Barbie, I found her on the web. My girls weren't fond of Barbie. Shanna abused them and Naomi never even asked for one.

Mike said...

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