Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art fair

Every year for 4 days, Ann Arbor is filled to the brim with visitors to its art fairs. Blocks and blocks of stalls-from cheap trinkets to high end stuff. Usually it is very hot with numerous heat exhaustion cases but this year was the coolest on record. I didn't go last year as I was in Italy. So for the past 3 days, I've been there three times over the last couple of days. Once with an old friend and another time with Ms. Naomi who was mostly interested in the sidewalk sales and funnel cakes (our one indulgence). Today I went with one of the moms. It was also the 30th anniversary of us meeting. I still was in the hospital 3 days after Shanna's birth as I had lost so much blood. I had a transfusion but still my hemocrit was 18 and I would pass out everytime I tried to get up. Her baby A was born 4 weeks early on July 18 and had breathing difficulties. We spent all night talking. At one point we had lived in the same town and had best friends who were sisters but I still don't remember her as a kid. She is 3 years younger than I (but looks 10 years ). We kept in touch after we were released and have had many adventures together. We eventually became part of a mother's group-5 babies born the summer of 1979 that still get together (at least the moms do-the babies are scattered all over the place-only Adam of the original 5 is in MI though most of the younger sibs are here). Another mom, had a son that same day so he too is 30 today. She was a neighbor so we would trade off babies so we could go out on the town. It was fun watching her son grow up.

So I have been buying things like a fiend but I hadn't bought anything except flowers since cancerfest began so I figure I am due. New running shoes, a beautiful hand-made silk top, a bracelet, an artsy top, and a sun dress. the art was interesting to look at and I kept running into people I knew so that was fun. I've walked miles and miles on top of my usual running so my legs are beat. Fortunately the cool weather has made this easier. I will post some of my purchases IF Steve can take a decent picture of me.

I like my cushy new running shoes-so much easier on my legs.

Yesterday I received a record number of hits on my stat counter (excepting the time of the Abruzzo earthquake in which search engines would put me way up as some authority about Abruzzo earthquakes-100s of hits resulted from that). It turns out that a mother of a child actor in that movie Flipped found me and commented about my running remark.

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Sara Williams said...

Thanks for sharing this Sue, it sounds like a wonderful 3 days! I cant wait to see your purchases!!!! I am friends with mums from when our children were born, I wonder if we will make it to 30 years? Running shoes: You should put a date in them on the tongue and look to replace them every 6 months at the rate you run! Got this tip from my running mag, runners world x


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