Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My snowball or reverse oreo

Snowballs are those Hostess treats that consist of a coconut-marshmallow shell covering a chocolate cake disk. They come in 2 colors-white and bright pink. Lately Naomi with her persistant, pathetic suntanning attempts more closely resembles the bright pink variety. An oreo is the dimissive term for a black person who acts white. I am dealing with the reverse variety.

She very strongly identifies with black culture. Most of her friends are African-American or are at least mixed. She is only attracted to African-American men. She's had friends of all races since she was little. She once went to a girl scout camp in which her unit for some reason was all African-American excepting her. One girl took one look at her and loudly remarked Oh great-a white girl. This did not slow Naomi down in the least and by the end of the week, Naomi was that girl's best friend. Naomi came home in braids-lots of them as her hair was so long and thick. Naomi claims that black girls don't have the mean girl culture that white girls do. No queen bees of seventh grade controlling their minions with snottiness and subtle sarcasm. Not that relations are always nice between the girls, they are more direct when they are angry with each other. For the most part, she seems accepted by these friends. Early on, her basbetball team travelled to a town that was known at one time as the KKK capital of MI. She said something to her teammates about how 'they' were going to hate 'them' there. One of her teammate reminded her that they weren't going to hate her white ass but theirs.

I went to the WCC parents' meeting last night. Between 'non-traditional' students meaning older students being retrained and many parents no longer being able to afford 4 year schools, the school is filled to the brim. To make matters worse, the Michigan Promise Fund is bankrupt, which was news to many in the audience who were dependent on it. This was a program that promised $4000 to Michigan students who got a certain test score who went on to higher education. Naomi scored right below the cut-off, which made me mad. Not at her, but at the premise that the state would give money only to above average students to go regardless of financial need. Why shouldn't low scorers get help too?

I was surprised to see some of the parents there. One was of a very academically successful ex-bball teammate of Naomi's who went to a private school. Turns out her twin wasn't so academically successful. As the mother told me, not all siblings are the same. Don't I know it.


Sara Williams said...

I think it is nice that Naomi has found her own identity and doesn't run with the rest of the crowd.

Sarah said...

My oldest went through this too, wigger is another nasty term used, banned from my house. I guess they all go through some thing or another trying to find themselves. My Hanna is 17 ans we have been through the Goth thing which I hated but tried to smile through. Now we are on to the hippie thing.. next year it will be something else. Hang in there!! Yikes!
The college funding thing - am with you there..I hope there is something available next year when Hanna needs help. Have a great day, Sarah


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