Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our neighborhood school
Temporary house. For those who have read the book, this is Juli's house

Some of the vintage cars
Yesterday in the middle of my run (I stuck to the neighborhood because it was supposed to rain) I stopped to watch some of the filming going on. Steve said that within 15 minutes of me leaving, it rained very hard at our house. Even though I wasn't very far away, not a drop on me.
There was quite a crowd watching including one of Josh's buddies who I had a nice talk with. Josh has hung around with him since kindergarten. A very sweet man. According to one of the neighbors, the crew had approached several of the residents asking them to please mow their lawns as part of the plot of the movie was that every house was nicely kept up excepting one house. Well I know what I would have said if they asked me to mow my lawn.... The movie is supposed to take place in the late 50s (although in the book, the word 'internet' was used)so they had to find about 20 vintage cars. Their owners made up a portion of the crowd. On hand were plenty of extras-mainly kids dressed as they would have been in 1959. The star teenage boy was very nice, although he isn't what I would have pictured from the book. So we saw plenty of stars including the director, the former Meathead of the 70s. Cheap thrills for our humble neighborhood.
So almost all of my lower lashes are gone. How can this be so long after I have been poisoned? 16 weeks! But I have been warned as others have reported this-I just was hoping that it wouldn't happen to me. One lady said that her lashes fell out 3 times. The uppers still look OK and I do have some very tiny regrowth taking place in the lowers. I know, pretty petty in the over all scheme of things. I seemed to have escaped many of the nastier side effects that fellow BC buddies are experiencing. But it makes me wonder what else has been destroyed in the process. My immune system? I haven't gotten sick but I have a fairly low white blood count. Is it high enough to attack rogue cancer cells?
A silly squirrel chewing through some of my solar light wiring. (I assume unless someone sabotaged it somehow). The wires are so tiny compared to regular electrical wiring so splicing will be difficult.
Today will be a Y workout even though the weather is perfect for running. Tired legs.
There was an airline sale so after much plugging in many options, I was able to get tickets to Milan (close to the Cinque Terre region) that a college friend and I will go to this October. I can't wait.
Precious Oliver will be here in 2 days, string bean as he is. He still prefers to explore his world rather than sitting still to eat but since he is growing taller, he must be doing fine. Still isn't quite as tall as his mom at the same age but she weighed more at 9 months than what he weighs at 18 months.

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