Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I might be in the pictures!

To shore up our sagging economy, the state has been giving special incentives for movies to be filmed in Michigan. Last year Youth in Revolt was filmed in Ann Arbor. This was Josh's favorite book as a teenager. Gran Torino and the HBO show Hung were filmed in Detroit. Now film making has come to our neighborhood with the filming of Flipped! directed by Rob Reiner. This is based on one of the few books Naomi has read. They constructed a house around Thurston pond for the exterior shots. Filming began this week blocking many of the streets.

This morning I tried to get my run in before a quickly approaching storm. I didn't want to go too far away from home so I ran through the neighborhood. At one point I looked up at a boom and saw that they were filming me as I ran. Ha. I was a sight with a purple top that was a different shade from my purple shorts. I tortured Naomi with the idea that I would be in the movie. She wasn't too happy.


Sara Williams said...

Wouldnt it be lovely if you were in the movie. If you are then you will have to let us know and I will purchase the DVD and let everyone know who you are and what a fab survivor you are!

~ Angi :) said...

{chuckling} how disconcerting! I wonder ~ was magenta a popular color in the early 60's? LOL

My son has been enjoying your neighborhood also. Thanks for a terrific read from the other side of the fence! :D

{hugs} on your journey to health. I've walked the road beside friends, cheering them on all the while. I send that cheer to you!


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