Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cooking to prevent cancer

When one is finished with treatment, sometimes one feels helpless on what to do to prevent the beast from returning. You 're finished with the slash/poison/burn triathlon, what to do next? Well we can control what we eat and there is plenty of evidence that our diets could have contributed to our cancer, but what to eat?
Every month at the local Wellness community, they have a cooking class taught by a 2 time breast cancer survivor. Her two occurrences were completely different cancers so the 2nd was not a recurrence. She has a degree in nutrition so people had plenty of questions for her. I heard that milk contains something carcinogenic. No I heard it was all right just as long as it was skim. Spenda caused cancer, use Stevia. No that's bad too. Can't have this, what's the research on this and that? What's the deal with soy if you are estrogen positive? On and on. Finally a woman said Enough! I had grandparents who lived into their nineties eating meat, everything covered with butter, smoking pipes, and they didn't die of cancer. I ate 'good' and now I have Stage 4 breast cancer. Trust me when I say I don't care what my cholestrol numbers are.

She was the woman that visited my LiveStrong class. She had BC 10 years ago. A week before the 10th anniversary, she investigated why her leg hurt so much. Bone mets. She was treated with Zometa. Just last month, she's found that the bone mets are more extensive and now, besides numerous spots in the bones are in her lungs and liver though she still feels OK. Another woman there is on her 3rd recurrence for lung cancer but this time, the new tumor is wrapped around her heart. Then we have the ladies who had non-aggressive bc 10 and 13 years ago but are still afraid it might come back. In the middle are M and myself with our own nasty beast which for now, seems to be at bay. Another woman had almost an identical story as my friend from the other day with Stage 4 lymphoma but everything is now clear.

We try to control what we can. Who knows if it will help but at least we tried.

Today was the last semi-cool day for a while so I ran for a record amount of time (at least for the past 2 years) without stopping even though I think I am getting shin splints. One of the moms and I had a pleasant lunch outside at the Sidetrack and then went to see all the beautiful flowers at the botanical gardens.


Beth said...

'slash/poison/burn triathalon' - I like that! Great that you got a good long run in.

I really wish they could tell us definitively what caused it so we could change that one thing... sigh.

Sara Williams said...

Because of my polycystic ovary syndrome and risk of heart disease and diabetes (family history both sides), I have always followed a good diet; low sat fat, lots of fruit and veg, cut down on processed food including bread, I have exercised all my life; horse riding, biking 30 miles per day, running, swimming, aerobics. My job is physical, I am so not a candidate for breast cancer! I think pollution has a lot to do with this. PCSO is a hormone linked illness and it blights your life isnt it strange that I have battled this for 17 years and now I have breast cancer? Food for thought. So mad today though, BBC reporting on questioning screening and how necessary it is!!!! Hello? I found my lump but on the mammogram it was clear as day - I want regular screening for the rest of my life.

Good on the running side of things Sue, you are an inspiration to me and I know Beth xx


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