Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skinny papers

Naomi and our patio in sunnier times. This dress we got on quick-sale for $7. However our savings were negated by her insistance on an expensive hair styling.

It's the sign of the times that everyday the newspapers we subscribe to become thinner and thinner. The Free Press will become so thin that it will cease to exist except by web 4 days a week! We do get the Wall Street Journal, which I feel compelled to read because of my second career as an 'investor' but that indeed is work. I love to read newspapers making morning my favorite time as I sip my coffee (coffee aversions-all gone). I then do my puzzles proving to myself that I am not suffering too badly from chemobrain. Best of all is to sit on my patio surrounded by all my flowers watching the hummingbird while reading the paper with my coffee but that will have to wait. Today is another very cold day but it will start to warm tomorrow. Thankfully still dry unlike my east coast family who are knee deep in snow. It was all of 19 deg yesterday with a very stiff north wind when I did my walk. I am becoming faster and faster, which makes me happy. I compulsively time everything.

It was the first night of districts last night. The games were supposed to be played 45 miles away in Jackson but since it was the two Ann Arbor schools, we got special permission to stay here at Pioneer and save bus money. Even though Huron has handily beaten Pioneer for the past 8 games or so, it was a struggle. In the middle of the game, Pioneer was actually ahead. Tyler couldn't score (the state's leading scorer) and Naomi played badly. Her two subs played even worse so the coach was forced to go with Naomi. However, some of the other players stepped up and Huron ended up winning by a good margin. Their next game will be against a weaker team Wednesday-one that Naomi plays especially well against.

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