Friday, March 13, 2009

Cards of support

Yesterday I received a very nice note from my cousin D and today yet another beautiful card from Lesa in MA who makes these hand-made cards for cancer patients. At some point I will scan the latest one, the prettiest one yet.

Also I had separate visits from two friends with nice treats from both. I had nice juicy raspberries for breakfast.

So these are my 3 hard days of the Taxol cycle with the myalgia. Such a strange phenomenon! Every muscle fiber in my thighs feels swollen and sore. At night, I take Neurotin and Vicodin, which makes me sleep. I try to tough it out during the day. I was able to get an hour of exercise yesterday with my pal Sunny before the pain kicked in. I throw a tennis ball around in the tennis court. I really have a bad arm. (Naomi has an unbelievably strong arm-she threw better than I when she was 6) At best, I throw it over the nets so Sunny has to run further to get it or I stand on top of the sledding hill so at least it might roll a long distance and it tires her out to go up and down the hill. Naomi doesn't want her in her room any more so she was with us. She constantly monitors us to be sure we are asleep so I have to lie very still or she thinks we are fair game to get up and take her out.

I went to the monthly breast cancer support group at the Wellness Community. The 3 others were completely new, one being the woman who was my chemomate the other day during my last Taxol. She has gone through alot even though she is estrogen positive (a triple positive). Plus she has a very young son and went through a divorce during chemo. She had cancer on both sides-ironically a very small tumor (4 mm) on one side, which was her-,was the one that spread to her nodes. The nodes were clean on the larger tumor, her+ side. (her+ tumors generally are more aggressive though fortunately treatable). One lady there was finished with everything and just wanted to spread the word about LiveStrong, which I start in April with M. The other lady has a very small ER+ tumor. After radiation, she's done-no chemo.

So Kathy in Chicago is getting new breasts today! Hope the surgery is going well.

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