Friday, March 20, 2009

Reprieve from Cancerland

It is nice not having to deal with some aspect of cancer every minute. True looking in the mirror brings me right back as even more lashes are falling out and the nose bleeds have resumed. It is nice to watch Oliver busily toddling all over the place with a large, loving audience. He is so very precious.
We had a break in the weather as we went to Pike's Market and saw all the fresh fruit, flowers and fish. Lunched on nice, doughy humbows and French pastry. Earlier we took Oliver to his Great-grandmother Terry for a first visit. She enjoyed it much more than he did. She later came over for a big family dinner, which will be even bigger when my nephew Joe's older brothers join us this weekend. When I last saw Joe at Shanna's wedding, he had a very high pitched voice but at 13, he has been hit hard with hormones. He is a tireless Oliver entertainer, so sweet to watch.

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