Monday, March 23, 2009

Last day in chemoland

Sixteen weeks is up!!!! Tomorrow I hope to awake to a full head of hair, full sets of eyelashes, smooth, moisturized skin, pink nail beds, good muscle tone, full of energy capable of running 5 miles without stopping-all those things I had 16 weeks ago. I really hope those rogue cancer cells are dead if indeed any of them had escaped from the mother tumor. In Susan Love's Breast Book, she says that the main tumor itself sends out signals inhibiting the mets from growing but once it's out, look out-any rogue cells are free to grow. I really hate reading stuff like that.

Next stage in the Slash! Poison! and Burn! triathlon of treatment is the final one: Burn! To that end I have my radiation simulation tomorrow and hope to start my 3 week "Canadian protocol" next week sometime. By the end of April, I hope to have this whole unpleasant mess behind me.

I am back in Michigan now. I wish I could have stayed in Seattle longer but I had that appt tomorrow and Josh was tired of dealing with Naomi. Shanna leaves there tonight on the red-eye. Hopefully Oliver will sleep or it will be a long, long trip. She is feeling her other baby more now. The grass here is still brown unlike the green of Seattle and no azaelas, flowering cherries, red buds, etc to been seen here. Yesterday we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and walked around in the cuetsy village of Winslow. Josh, Steve and Maddy ran a race there many years ago. I passed because I thought I ws pregnant. Later we visited Oliver's great-grandma Terry. This time he warmed up more to her. It was good to get away and see family, mountains, the ocean, the flowers-etc. Lots of fun.

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Thank God Sue, THANK GOD!!!


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