Sunday, March 22, 2009

family time

Grandma getting dizzy with Oliver

It is nice to be able to finally see the mountains-Olympics to the west and Cascades to the East. Still too many clouds to see Mt. Ranier. I finally was able to have 'genuine' Naples pizza which I couldn't have in Naples as I was continually misled about our schedule. I hadn't learned my lesson yet on Italian time (if you told you are going to be picked up in 5 minutes, be prepared for a 2 hour wait). To be genuine Neapolitan, the ingredients must all come from around Naples, which they certify they are at "Tutta Bella". The boys came in for a one day visit. The younger one, David-almost 16-put his entertaining skills to work with Oliver. Dan (18) only unleashes his wild self on stage (both boys are in different rock bands) and is very quiet off of it.We did touristy things-trip to the Seattle center where the "pace Point" is (Josh's 4 year old self's name for it)and rides. I took Oliver on the merry-go-round which he enjoyed. Joe took him on the "Dumbo" ride. There were gardens and a huge fountain that randomly sprayed water in all directions. Kids were running through it though the temp topped off at 52. Steve (Maddy's husbands-too many Steves) grilled salmon for a big family dinner that Great-Grandma Terry joined us for. Oliver is still frightened of her.

I had a restless night full of disturbing dreams. In one of them, a good friend decided it was too much work to be my friend anymore and said she wouldn't. There was no reasoning with her and I didn't even have cancer.

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