Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Wishes Program

Maddy (Steve's sister) with Shanna and Oliver.

Four generations: Great-grandma Terry age 84, Grandpa Steve, Mom Shanna (15 weeks pregnant) and Oliver-almost 14 months.

Outside of Seattle in North Bend (close to where they filmed Twin Peaks) is a small accessory company that makes and then sends free beautiful head scarves to cancer patients. I found out about the program on the TNBC website though I think my blog pal Renee (also from around Seattle) had mentionned it. For those who need it see for their "Good Wishes" program on the bottom of the page. When I returned from Seattle Monday, a package with a beautiful Kenyan print silk head scarf with a matching bandeau was enclosed along with a card signed by everyone in their little company was waiting for me. This was quite the day brightener. Love those people in Washington State!!! As my hair has yet to appear despite the lack of poisons in my system, this comfy scarf will get plenty o'use.

Sad news: Along with the Seattle P-I (the good newspaper that I like to read in Seattle) that ceased to print right before I got there and the Detroit Free Press only publishing 3 days a week, it was announced yesterday that after 175 years, there will be no more Ann Arbor News. Very sad. Both of these papers had become unbelievably thin-less stories due to cut-backs in reporting and lack of advertisers. I could live with the lack of advertisers but apparently the paper can't.

I haven't yet resumed my running program though I did my hour, fast as I can, walk. Maybe today.

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