Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Radiation Simulation

For 45 minutes I had to lie absolutely still while being measured, CT'd, x-rayed, having tubes and stickers affixed, etc in an ice cold room. By the time it was over, my arm had gone to sleep. Then I was tatooed. For some reason I thought the breast itself was tatooed. Wrong. I have 3 little dots-one in the middle of my breast bone and one on each side at the base of my ribs. I had to watch a video (a one size fits all kind) and then sign off on the fact that I realize that I am undergoing a treatment that is NOT recommended. (Dr. Pierce really wanted me to go for the standard 6 week treatment though she acknowledges my survival will be the same but the 'cosmesis' will not be. Cosmesis is not much of a concern to me given how bad the breast looks already).

I start next Tuesday and the the latest I will be done is April 20-the day before my birthday, which will be the best present ever to be done with this. The schedule has me finishing on 4-17 but I believe that is a mistake.

I have posted some pix into my blogs of the past week of family members but am not finished yet.

We stopped off at Silvio's afterwards for a treat (The Abruzziese restaurant-Nancy if you are on this-you have to go there again with me) where I ran into an old friend Carolyn who was indirectly responsible for introducing Shanna to Ramy. She went from being a researcher to a pilates instructor .

The house was largely in one piece when we returned though no water for poor Spud. Have to help with the bball banquet, which should be fun. Naomi seems to be caught up in homework but still has to raise her grade in math. On 3-31, when I begin radiation and my LiveStrong class, she turns 18 and she thinks the seas will part as she is magically transformed into an adult.

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