Sunday, March 29, 2009

How many balloons can you stuff into a car?

44 in case you were wondering. My job for the bball banquet was to get balloons and help set-up for the big event- a rather easy task for a 'senior parent'. Generally I would be expected to have a greater role doing all these team parent things but that's where the cancer card comes in handy. I have written lots of checks however. Still carrying all those green and gold mylar balloons against a heavy wind and stuffing them all into the car wasn't easy. No room for any more.
So this was Naomi's last team event. Since kindergarten, she's been on numerous teams-sometimes at the same time-swim teams, softball, soccer., cross county,volleyball, and bball. Sad to see it all end. Lots of kind words-best team ever, Naomi being the best defensive post ever, so on and so on. One parent always makes elaborate highlight DVDs making each varsity player look like a star. She included some footage of Naomi and her daughter playing together on an 8th grade team. Also more fancy gifts for the four seniors. Sports have been a good outlet for Naomi. For one thing, it is one area she can excel as her learning disability makes school very difficult. But it is good for her to learn to deal with others and to take a leadership role setting up the defense. Coach Steve keeps a close eye on her too.
Today a bizarre rash appeared on one of my thighs looking like a rug burn though I haven't injured myself. It doesn't itch. Better not be some weird manifestation of cancer. I did not run today as I've had absolutely no time between shopping for the banquet, setting it up, being there for 3.5 hours then helping Naomi with her government project. She is supposed to convert 2 landmark Supreme Ct decisions into cartoon strips (out of 6 possible cases). Understanding the issues involved is tough for her but it will be more fun drawing all the panels. One of the cases involves a school athlete refusing to provide a urine sample as a condition for playing football-unreasonable search and seizure. My former employer insisted on doing this also even though the states that the company was headquartered and where the majority of the workers lived respectively outlawed the practice. It was legal in Michigan however and they could drug test as as much as 4 times a year. Probably never found anything for all the money wasted on it and all the resentment it caused. They stepped up the program once they announced they were closing our site pouring acid into an open wound
No running today either with the time constraints, pouring rain and now SNOW!!!

Last night I went out with some of the moms to a comedy show to benefit the Ypsi Fireman's Musuem. I always wondered who would go to a fireman's musuem but there I found myself. Still it was fun.

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