Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love that I can see real flowers again that aren't snow drops and crocuses. Seattle yards are full of blooming multi-colored primroses, including Maddy's yard, a variety I never have seen in Michigan. Her pinks are in bloom too. Also abundant, azaelas and rhododendrons and various vetches and sedums I am unfamiliar with.

Travelling with a one year old cross country is not easy. Shanna took a nearly empty flight to Detroit from Boston to join us on our flight. I hate Northworst and their new policies. I tried to avoid paying a luggage fee by stuffing everything into a small carry-on. When boarding, instead of saying those with small children can board first (us!!), they said those with absolutely no carry-ons can board first followed by those who had things that could go under the seat. Only then, those pariahs with 'rolling bags' would be permitted to board. We sat together passing Oliver between us. He was very good considering the 5 hour flight and lack of room to explore. A man with a waist-long braid sat in front of us and it took all three of us to stop Oliver from yanking on it. So he now has 4 teeth and can walk with bent arms up in the air as counterbalances. Apparently he ate too much on the plane because the second we got to Maddy's house, he threw up twice in extremely impressive amounts. Poor little sweetie still doesn't feel well and has a slight temp.

Maddy had to work this morning so Steve and I went out to eat about .75 mile away bringing Shanna back food as we didn't want Oliver out in the drizzle. It was nice to look at the flowers along the way.

Up today is a trip for Oliver to meet his great-grandmother and then a trip to Pike"s Market. Yesterday I was way too tired to enjoy much.

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