Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No more chemo!!

I am so happy that this chapter in my life is over. Extra bonus: they took me early and got me started as soon as possible. I am still anemic but less so. My white cells started to come back but still are low. I am not going to take Neulasta. I said I will be on a plane in 8 days. She said on the plane, I am at increased risk for viruses but Neulasta doesn't help against them, just bacteria so I need to Purell myself next week during the 'nadir'.

No bells to ring at UM. They printed out a cute certificate of completion. I am very tired as I got up at 3:30 am to take my pre-infusion meds.

Yesterday as I was feeling good, we went out to WCC for lunch and I had a rich dessert-chocolate raspberry creme brulee though it lacked the 'brulee' part. I was able to run just a little bit-still very hard. Maybe if I had enough red blood cells... I then went to Happy Hour with Brenda-a nice time.

No school today for freshmen and seniors as the other 2 classes have state mandated testing. So many holidays! Naomi and I watched our junk TV together. The regional bball game is tonight in Lansing. Who knows who'd win?


S. F. Heron said...

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Sue, I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!


Just a thought. WHy don't you get yourself a medical mask and wear it on the plane? Mom is traveling to Florida next week and she's wearing hers to avoid all the "buggies," as Jackie puts it.

What a great day!!!!!!!


Renee said...

Congratulations Sue!!!! Now on to the next leg of the journey.

I'm sorry you didn't have a bell to ring. Maybe after radiation?

The oncology clinic where I went didn't have the bell either (radiation place did).

Definitely take care of yourself on the plane since you'll be in NADIR. A mask is probably a good idea.

Hugs to you!



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