Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh about 6 months old. He was my baldest and biggest (10+ lbs) baby.

Josh as a 6 year old

Josh 11 with his sisters: Naomi 2 and Shanna 14.

Today is Josh's 27th birthday. It is hard to believe that this giggly baby, so quick to walk but so slow to talk, has morphed into a responsible, handsome man with a wife, a good job and a house. He was a very active baby getting himself in all sorts of trouble with his love of climbing. He hated to be alone and was climbing out of his crib when he was one demanding attention in the middle of the night.

He was very athletic-always the best one on any bball, baseball or soccer team. He concentrated on soccer and his travel team travelled all over the place for 8 years being the State cup runners-up one year. He was a joy to watch-so handsome and skilled. He has always been a charmer, quick to smile and very skilled at smoothing over bad situations. Everyone is his friend. Trying to limit his friend list for the wedding was a major challenge. School also was a challenge as he is dyslexic and had great difficulties reading. He didn't read a book until his senior year. I would have to read everything assigned to him, tell him what was important, and quiz him. This kept me busy. Fortunately he was a quick study: there were never any doubts about his intelligence. Now he reads several books a month for pleasure despite limited time.

We have always been especially close and I treasure this beyond anything else. We will take him out tonight and he will have Naomi duty until we return from Seattle.
I am having trouble with the internet today and wonder if I will ever get this published. Very annoying as half of my post was erased.
It will be close to 70 today. It will be much cooler in Seattle but I am so excited to see Shanna, Oliver, Maddy (my sister-in-law) and her family that I don't care. I do love Seattle and look forward to walking along Green Lake (near Maddy's house) and going to Pike's Market, seeing the water and mountains, and eating salmon. Lots of little things to do to get ready.

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